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Avaya IP Office and Partner ACS Business Phone Systems by Telephone Man of America

The goal of Telephone Man of America is to provide high quality used, tested, cleaned complete Avaya telephone equipment with a 30 day warranty at the best possible price! We invite you to browse through our store and shop with confidence. FREE GROUND SHIPPING on all items! If you are looking for something that is not posted on the web page please feel free to Contact Telephone Man of America by phone at 1-863-614-1900 or by e-mail at telephoneman@telephonemanofamerica.com and we will provide the item(s) to you ASAP! I will always do my best to match or beat any competitors bid for any Telecom related item

Telephone Man of America sells two main phone systems (Avaya IP Office and Avaya Partner ACS) that are made by Avaya who was formerly known as Lucent Technologies and before that was known as AT&T. What that means to you is that it is a well-built phone system and easy to find support if you need it.

The Avaya IP Office is a newer system that is still in production and requires a PC and Administrative tools to do the programming and requires programming for functionality. Everything you need to install the system will be sent after a purchase is made.  The Avaya IP Office is very feature rich and is expandable up to 384 phones and can also connect up to 1,000 users over 32 locations.   The Avaya IP Office is a hybrid system of old and new technologies.  It can support traditional analog phone lines, PRI/T1 phone lines or VoIP/SIP Trunk phone lines.  It can also support analog or supported/compatible digital and network on or offsite VoIP/Internet phones.   Because the IP Office can support offsite phones it provides an option for end-users/employees to take advantage of teleworking or telecommuting or the option to work from home if needs be.

The Avaya Partner system is an older discontinued more traditional Phone System but will be in service for 20 more years to come. It does not require a PC or Administrative software for functionality and as long as you connect the phone lines and the phones to the right ports on the system you can make and receive and phone calls and is as close to plug and play as you will ever get!  It has 175 built in features such as remote call forwarding to external phone numbers such as a cell phone number so you can still be accessible to your customers and not be at the office. The Partner ACS system starts with a capacity of up to 3 analog phone lines and up to 8 Partner phones and is comfortably expandable up to 12 analog phone lines and up to 32 Partner phones with mailboxes for all users.  The Partner system’s maximum capacities are up to 31 lines and up to 48 extensions (can’t be obtained simultaneously).

Both Phone Systems need wiring from the phone company (for your analog Phone Lines) to the phone system and each phone needs a dedicated wire run from the phone system to the desired location for each non VoIP phone.

Telephone Man of America has no endorsement, authorization or licensing rights from Avaya.  All items are used from previous end-users and are being resold with no endorsement, authorization or licensing rights from Avaya. 

TManoa.com – Telephone Man of America – helping you run and meet your business needs by providing high quality low cost used Avaya phone system equipment.

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