Avaya 2420 Digital Telephone 700203599 700381585


Avaya 2420 Digital Telephone 700203599 700381585 – Free Shipping on all orders!

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Avaya 2420 Digital Telephone 700203599 700381585 – Free Shipping on all orders!


Do you want a high quality low cost Avaya digital phone ?  If so the Avaya 2420 phone is for you.


Used phones may have some fading of buttons and normal wear on them.


These phones are thoroughly cleaned to shiny a stand/wallmount and a new line and a new curly cord!


It will come with a 30 day warranty.


More details below:


Phone System Wiring:


You will need to connect the phone lines into the phone system from your phone company’s phone line box with an individual wire for each phone line (single pair/2 Conductor should be fine – 2 pieces of copper on the phone jack).


You will then need each phone to also have an individual home run wire run from an available IP Office digital station port to the desired location of each phone using a minimum of a 2 Pair/4 Conductor wire (meaning when you look at the phone jack you should see 4 pieces of copper).


See Details below:


1 Avaya 2420 Digital Telephone 700203599, 700381585


The Avaya 2420 digital telephone is designed for everyday office workers with high call volumes. It is a perfect choice for salespeople, executives, and operators.


Avaya 2420 Features

  • Multi-line digital telephone
  • 7 line x 29 character display
  • No paper button labels – all buttons are labeled on the display
  • 24 system call appearance/feature buttons
  • Provides automated call tracking with 100-entry call log
  • Provides access to 104 speed-dial numbers
  • Can be maintained with most current enhancements through downloadable firmware
  • Can be expanded with optional Avaya EU24, an expansion module with 24 call appearance feature buttons


  • The Avaya 2420 Digital Telephone is compatible with Avaya Communication Manager and Avaya IP Office.
  • IP Office – Requires available DS port on IP Small Office, IP403, IP406 V2, IP500 w/DS8 or Digital Station 16/30. IP Office must R3.0 or higher
  • IP Office R7.0 – IP500 control unit must be running full IP Office mode. Not compatible in Quick mode.
  • IP Office R8.0 or higher – IP500 control unit must be running Essential Edition. Not compatible in Basic Edition.
  • Avaya Communication Manager – Requires available DCP port on TN2181, TN2224 series circuit pack or available DCP port on MM312, MM712, or MM717 DCP media module




Telephone Man of America has no endorsement, authorization or licensing rights from Avaya.  All items are used from previous end-users and are being resold with no endorsement, authorization or licensing rights from Avaya. 


TManoa.com – Telephone Man of America – helping you run and meet your business needs by providing high quality low cost used Avaya IP Office phone system equipment.

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