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Avaya IP Office 500 Phone 30 700426224  – Free Shipping on all orders!

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Avaya IP Office 500 Phone 30 700426224 Expansion Module for Analog Devices – Free Shipping on all orders!


Do you need to add analog devices to your Avaya IP Office phone system? If so you need the Avaya IP Office 500 Phone 30 700426224 Expansion Module for Analog Devices.


The item is USED and fading, wear, use will be visible.   Tested working on 30 ports and It will come with a 30 Day warranty.


No power supply or cat 5 shielded cable is included.  They can be added on links below:


Avaya IP Office 400 Processor & for all Expansion Modules Power Supply 700210792

Avaya IP Office Expansion Module Power Supply 700210792 & Shielded Cable


see details below:



1 Avaya IP500 Phone 30 700426224


The Avaya IP500 Phone 30 provides 30 additional analog station ports for your Avaya IP Office system.


Avaya IP500 Phone 30 Features

  • Provides an additional (30) Plain Ordinary Telephone (POT) ports for use with analog telephones
  • Same functionality as the IP400 Phone 30 V2 but with matching exterior of IP500 control unit


  • Supported by IP Office core software level 2.1(36) minimum
  • IP403, IP406 V1, IP406 V2, and IP412
  • IP500 running R4.2 or earlier; Professional Edition is required
  • IP500 running R5.0 or higher
  • IP500 V2 running R6.0 or higher



For IP Office 400 systems To make the installation easier let me know what release your Processor is at and I’ll set the expansion module to the same major release such as 3.2 or 5.0.  By doing this your processor should be able to see it and this will make the installation much easier especially if this a swap out of an expansion module that has died.


To find the release of your processor you will need to log into your IP Office Processor using Manager and go to “Control Unit” and click on the processor and look at the version and let me know what version that is.


For Expansion modules to be recognized and seen by the Processor power must be provided first to them and be connected with the Shielded Cat 5 cable to an available Expansion Port on the Processor you are connecting it to and have a green light.  After the Green light is on the Expansion Module – Then power up the Processor if power is lost during the upgrade the expansion module will be red lighted and need to be repaired – DON”T LOSE POWER DURING AN UPGRADE!!!.


Also sometimes you must then do an upgrade of the Expansion Module to finalize it on the system and to be working.  The release version apparently does not always need to match that of the processor based off of my experience.   Also on the IP Office if this is an upgraded 500 System up to or beyond release 8 you are going to put it on for Expansion Modules to work you must have the Large Upgrade license for over 32 users and External Expansion Modules (the small upgrade license only allows for up to 32 users and no external expansion modules) – so make sure you have the Large Upgrade License.


Telephone Man of America has no endorsement, authorization or licensing rights from Avaya.  All items are used from previous end-users and are being resold with no endorsement, authorization or licensing rights from Avaya.


TManoa.com – Telephone Man of America – helping you run and meet your business needs by providing high quality low cost used Avaya IP Office phone system equipment.

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