Avaya IP Office 500 V2 Phone System with 4 1416 Phones

Avaya IP Office 500V2 7.0(36) 4X6X2 + 4 1416 phones Package


Avaya IP Office 500V2 7.0(36) 4X6X2 + 4 1416 phones – Free Shipping on all orders!

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Avaya IP Office 500 V2 Business Phone System Package with 4 1416 Phones – Free Shipping on all orders!


Do you need a high quality low cost business phone system?


Then the Avaya IP Office 500 V2 Phone System that is configured for up to 4 analog phone lines and up to 6 Avaya compatible Digital Phones and up to 2 analog devices and it comes with embedded voice mail with mailboxes for all users and 4 1416 Phones is for you. is for you!



More on the Avaya IP Office 500V2 system below:


The Avaya IP Office is a newer system that is still in production and requires a PC and Administrative tools to do the programming and requires programming for functionality. The Avaya IP Office is very feature rich and is expandable up to 384 phones and can also connect up to 1,000 users over 32 locations.   The Avaya IP Office is a hybrid system of old and new technologies.  It can support traditional analog phone lines, PRI/T1 phone lines or VoIP/SIP Trunk phone lines.  It can also support analog or supported/compatible digital and network on or offsite VoIP/Internet phones.   Because the IP Office can support offsite phones it provides an option for end-users/employees to take advantage of teleworking or telecommuting or the option to work from home if needs be.


After purchase I will e-mail over the installation tool and product and installation documents.


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The items included in this auction are 1 Used Avaya IP Office 500 V2 Processor that is fully tested and defaulted and will be set to release version 7.0(36) – which is the highest release version where no key codes are needed for basic core full system functionality in IP Office Mode.  I have the release at the highest version under 8.0 so no key codes are needed for a working phone system.  This means I have taken the time to make sure the SD card and the 500 V2 Processors release levels match up so there is no key code conflict showing up on the system when you connect phones.


The number of base card slot covers will be 3 and the system will come with a power cord with 1 IP Office 500 V2 SD Card with the corresponding processor release that includes the embedded voice mail, 1 Avaya IP Office 500 V1 Combination Base Card 700476013 that provides up to 4 analog lines, up to 6 Avaya compatible digital phones and up to 2 analog devices.


The bundle comes with 4 1416 Digital Phones.  These phones are thoroughly cleaned to shiny and will come with a clean to new paper insert, clean to new plastic overlay, a stand and a new line and a new curly cord!


Some part numbers in this listing are:  700476005 700479710 700476013 700469869 700508194.


These items will come with a 30 Day Warranty.


Phone System Wiring:


You will need to connect the phone lines into the phone system from your phone company’s phone line box with an individual wire for each phone line (single pair/2 Conductor should be fine – 2 pieces of copper on the phone jack).


You will then need each phone to also have an individual home run wire run from an available IP Office digital station port to the desired location of each phone using a minimum of a 2 Pair/4 Conductor wire (meaning when you look at the phone jack you should see 4 pieces of copper).


NO ESSENTIAL EDITION key code or any key codes are included OR needed for this system as it is under 8.0.  No key codes are included OR NEEDED.  This is a completely functional/operational package/bundle.


See more information below:


1 Avaya IP500 V2 Control Unit (700476005)


The Avaya IP500 V2 Control Unit is the newest control unit for the Avaya IP Office system.


Avaya IP500 V2 Features

  • 4 Base Card Slots – Can accommodate Digital Station, Analog Phone, VCM, Expansion, ETR, and Combination base cards. Also accommodates the Legacy Card Carrier.
  • Trunk Cards – Supports IP500 trunk daughter cards connected to IP500 Base Cards.  Also supports IP400 trunk cards using the Legacy Card Carrier.
  • 2 SD Card Slots – Supports system SD card (required) and optional SD card
  • Voicemail Channels – Maximum 30 usable for Voicemail Pro/TAPI WAV connection sessions
  • 8 Expansion Ports – Compatible with Digital Station 16/30, Phone 8/16/30,So8, WAN3, and Analog Trunk 16.
  • Support for up to 12 Expansion Modules – In addition to the 8 integrate expansion ports, can add up to  4 additional external expansion modules using 4-Port Expansion base card.
  • 2 LAN Ports – Full duplex 10/100 Mbps; managed layer 3 Ethernet switch
  • Additional Ports – Music on-hold, DTE port, external relay switch for door entry controls, integral WAN port
  • Includes Power Cord



1 Avaya IP500 V2 System SD Card Mu Law


IP500 V2 System SD Card Features

  • Acts as feature key to validate system features
  • Provides storage for Essential Edition Messaging
  • Can be preloaded with release, configuration, and feature activations to enable faster implementation


Essential Edition Messaging Features

  • Included with IP500 V2 system; no key code required
  • 2-ports; Can be upgraded to 4 or 6-ports via activation purchase
  • Up to 15 hours message storage; Configurable recording time
  • Help menus, greetings, and mailbox navigation.
  • Email confirmation or email forward
  • Voicemail breakout/personal auto-attendant
  • Configurable system-wide short code for voicemail collect
  • 40 independent Auto Attendants with 3 time profiles per Auto Attendant; Up to 12 menu items per Auto Attendant with automatic time-out to fallback number
  • Auto attendant supports Dial by Name and direct Dial by Number
  • Visual Voice – Access and control of voicemail via the digital or IP terminal display (telephone model dependent)
  • Reply to a message to either an internal or external number (if Caller ID available)
  • Support for hunt group announcements
  • Fax option for rerouting fax calls via the auto-attendant menu
  • Support for Fast Forward (#), Rewind (*), Skip Message (9) and Call Sender (**) when listening to messages


  • Compatible with IP500 V2 Control Unit (IPO R6 and higher)



1 Avaya IP500 Combination Card w/4 Analog Trunks (700476013)


The Avaya IP500 Combination Card provides 4 analog trunk ports, 6 digital station ports, 2 analog station ports, and 10 voice compression channels for your IP500 V2 system.


Avaya IP500 V2 Combination Card Features

  • 4 analog trunk ports (9-12) via a pre-installed IP500 Analog Trunk 4 daughter card
  • 6 digital station ports (1-6)
  • 2 analog station ports (7-8)
  • 10 VCM channels
  • Maximum 2 per IP500 V2 control unit


  • Compatible only with IP500 V2 control unit
  • Compatible with these revisions of IPO software: IP Office 6.0 for combination cards with a PCS Level of 1-4, IP Office 6.1 – Must have a minimum software level of 6.1(20); IP Office 7.0 – Must have a minimum software level of 7.0(12); IP Office 8.0 or higher
  • Digital station (DS) ports compatible with Avaya 1400, 2400, 5400, and 6400 series digital telephones
  • Also compatible with 9500 series digital phones on IP Office R7.0 or higher



4 Avaya 1416 Digital Telephones

The Avaya 1416 digital telephone is designed for users who answer incoming calls, transfer customers to different departments or extensions, and monitor several line appearances throughout the day.


Avaya 1416 Features

  • 4 line x 24 character tilting backlit display
  • 16 programmable line/feature buttons with dual LEDs
  • Fixed feature keys include hold, conference, transfer, drop, menu, contact, call log, redial, mute, and headset
  • 3 soft keys and 4-way navigation cluster with context sensitive user interface
  • Built-in speakerphone
  • Integrated headset jack and built-in headset button
  • Can add up to 3 Avaya DBM32 Button Modules


  • The Avaya 1416 digital telephone is compatible with Avaya Aura Communication Manager 5.2.1 or later and IP Office Release 6.0 or later


Do you need more Avaya IP Office compatible digital phones for this package?

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Do you need more capacity for phone lines and phones?

See links below:

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Avaya IP Office Documents

IP Office Unused Trunk Settings – If you are not using all of the available analog phone lines set the unused trunks to out of service.
IP Office Setup Guide – how to change your TCP/IP settings to connect with the IP Office.
IP Office 7.0 Product Description
IP Office 7.0 Base Daughter Legacy Card Installation Guide
IP Office 7.0 Installation Guide
IP Office 7.0 Feature Matrix
IP Office 7.0 Embedded Voice Mail Installation Guide


Telephone Man of America has no endorsement, authorization or licensing rights from Avaya.  All items are used from previous end-users and are being resold with no endorsement, authorization or licensing rights from Avaya.


TManoa.com – Telephone Man of America – helping you run and meet your business needs by providing high quality low cost used Avaya IP Office phone system equipment.

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Avaya IP Office 500 V2 Phone System with 4 1416 Phones
Avaya IP Office 500V2 7.0(36) 4X6X2 + 4 1416 phones Package