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Avaya Partner 18D Series 1 Gray Phone – Free Shipping on all orders!

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Avaya Partner 18D Series 1 Gray 7311H14B1(PL) 108170051 108883273 7311H14G-323 – Free Shipping on all orders!



Do you need to an add another display phone to your Avaya (Formerly Lucent or AT&T) Partner phone system?   If so get the most popular Avaya Partner 18D Series 1 Gray Phone for your Partner system today.



The Gray model was only made for a short period of time and the supply is limited.



More on the phones:


The Avaya Lucent AT&T Partner 18D Series 1 Black Phone 108236712 108883257 108236639 7311H13 7311H14   . The phones are thoroughly tested and come with a tested Handset, base unit/wall mount/stand that maybe gray or black,  New Handset cord, New Line Cord, Plastic overlay and New paper insert.  It will come with a 30 day warranty – Photos are stock photos and some fading of the programmable buttons, feature & dial pad buttons to green and or yellow may be visible and the LCD may tilt to one corner but will stay in the upright position if desired.


Possible part numbers: 700216047 700216054 700429301 7311H13 7311H14




This is used and comes with a 30 day warranty.



Phone System Wiring:



You will need to connect the phone lines into the phone system from your phone company’s phone line box with an individual wire for each phone line (single pair/2 Conductor should be fine – 2 pieces of copper on the phone jack).



You will then need each Partner phone to also have an individual home run wire run from an available Partner station port to the desired location of each phone using a minimum of a 2 Pair/4 Conductor wire (meaning when you look at the phone jack you should see at least 4 pieces of copper).



See below for more information on the individual items.




1 Partner 18D Telephones Avaya Partner 18D Series 1 Phone

Partner 18D Features

  • 16 programmable buttons with dual LEDs for line or feature appearances
  • 2 line x 24 character backlit tilt display
  • Built-in conference, transfer, hold, and speaker buttons
  • Full duplex speakerphone for hands free operation
  • Built-in port allows for connection of standard devices, such as modems or fax machines


  • The Partner 18D is compatible with Partner, Partner Plus, Partner II, or Partner ACS
  • Also compatible with IP Office Quick Version or Basic Edition equipped with IP500 ETR 6 Base Card



For more information on the phones see the following link:


Avaya Partner Phones

Avaya Partner Phones and How to Use Them



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