Avaya Partner ACS 308EC Expansion Module


Avaya Partner ACS 308EC Expansion Module – Free Shipping on all orders!

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Avaya Partner ACS 308EC Expansion Module  – Free Shipping on all orders!



Do you have a Partner ACS Processor/Control unit release 2.0 and higher and a Partner 5 slot carrier with an open slot and need to add more capacity for analog phone lines or need to add more Partner phones? If so you need the Avaya Partner 308EC Expansion module that adds an additional 3 analog phone line capacity and up to 8 more Partner phones.



Do you need a high quality low cost business phone system?  If so the Avaya Partner ACS telephone system is for you!   It is the leading phone system in its class with under 48 phones and has sold over 1.3 million systems and comes with 175 built in features!  The Avaya Partner ACS telephone system is as close to a plug and play phone system as you will get.  You can connect the analog phone lines and connect a Partner phone and make and receive phone calls with no programming!   It is comfortable with a capacity of up to 14 lines, 33 extensions/phones and up to 6 concurrent users on the Partner Messaging Voice Mail Solution.  Maximum capacities are up to 31 lines or up to 48 extensions and cannot be achieved simultaneously.



Some Part #’s associated with this listing:   308EC 700429277 700429426 108463001 108265471 103G6 103G9(28)



This is used and comes with a 30 day warranty.



Phone System Wiring:



You will need to connect the phone lines into the phone system from your phone company’s phone line box with an individual wire for each phone line (single pair/2 Conductor should be fine – 2 pieces of copper on the phone jack).



You will then need each Partner phone to also have an individual home run wire run from an available Partner station port to the desired location of each phone using a minimum of a 2 Pair/4 Conductor wire (meaning when you look at the phone jack you should see at least 4 pieces of copper).


See below for more information on the individual items.



1 Partner ACS 308EC (103G6, 103G9)

The Partner ACS 308EC adds 3 additional line ports and 8 additional station ports to your Partner ACS system.

Partner ACS 308EC Features

  • Expansion module for your Partner ACS system
  • Adds 3 line and 8 station ports to your Partner ACS system
  • Caller ID built-in (Caller ID must be provided by local carrier)
  • Fax detection and routing available
  • Universal Port Structure allows multi-line analog phones or single line devices (fax machine, credit card machine, modems, etc.)


  • The Partner ACS 308EC is compatible with Partner ACS R2.0 or higher
  • Requires Partner ACS 2-Slot or 5-Slot Carrier


For more information on the phones see the following link:


Avaya Partner Phones

Avaya Partner Phones and How to Use Them



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